Is It Better to Buy a Car from a Dealership?

September 22nd, 2023 by

The used car dealer is many people’s go-to option when shopping for a car. Here, we’ll go in-depth about why you should buy from a dealer versus sale-by-owner and why this is always the better option when you are in the market for a used vehicle. A private car owner may advertise a lower price tag. Still, they do not offer the protections available through legally certified dealers, who must have ample resources to fix any issues with the vehicles they sell.

Why Buy from a Private Owner?

Private owners often advertise their vehicles for less than the average dealer cost. Private owners may offer you the chance to drive a car before committing to a purchase, which is impossible at dealerships. Private owners may also provide a ride home service for your vehicle, which follows the same courtesy extended during the purchase process.

Why Buy from a Dealer?

You have the option to purchase a car on the same day you visit a dealership, as many dealerships have a finance team ready to help you secure a loan or credit line. Even if you have bad credit, many dealerships may offer to help you secure a loan at a low-interest rate. You may also negotiate a better price on the vehicle or have the dealer throw in features like an extended warranty or a ride-home service.

Do Dealerships Offer What Private Owners Can’t?

Yes, in several cases. Buying from a private seller is risky because you don’t know what insurance they have. They might not have any at all. Here are more reasons buying from a dealership is better:

1. Used Car Dealers Offer Financing Options

You’ve heard the phrase, there’s a lender for everyone. Well, that’s because they’re out there. There’s also a lender for everyone at your local used car dealer, and they’re probably more affordable than you think.

2. You Have a Warranty with a New Car, So Why Not with a Used One?

If your new car needs repairs, you have a warranty. In Alabama, used car dealerships are legally required to offer an as is warranty on all vehicles they sell.

3. Your Local Used Car Dealer Can Provide Free Car History Reports

It’s important to know whether your car has been in an accident or had any other damage that could affect its performance. There isn’t any way to know this if you’re buying from a private owner.

4. A Local Used Car Dealer Has Better Testimonials

Customer reviews at a local car dealership include experiences from clients who have recently bought cars from that dealership. This is much better for you than using a review from a private owner that could have bought their car anywhere.

5. Used Car Dealers Can Help You Avoid the Pitfalls of Buying a Car From a Private Owner

Private owners can be challenging to track down if they unexpectedly disappear with your money or if they dispense bad advice on car maintenance. Your local used car dealer can provide the buyer with a place to turn if they need help with repairs, a guarantee that the car was never stolen, and a service guarantee in case the owner goes out of business while you own the vehicle.


If your purchase isn’t a new car, you owe it to yourself to take the time to find a dealer you can trust. If you’re the type of person with bad credit and don’t want to risk being exploited, this is the best option for you—even if you have to pay a little more for a car.

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