Security + Plus Anti-Theft

Cars with no visible signs of theft deterrent are easy targets for thieves. With over 250 cars stolen every day in Canada (1), thieves have many vehicles to choose from. By adding Security + Plus Anti-Theft to your vehicle you are providing a theft-deterrent system designed to discourage thieves and keep your Nissan safe. In the unlikely event, your car does go missing, Nissan Security + Plus Anti-Theft increases the chance of vehicle recovery and may provide a benefit to reduce the cost of purchasing a replacement vehicle. (2)

Security + Plus Anti-Theft combines a clearly visible warning label with permanent, pre-registered numbers embedded on body panels throughout your vehicle to make it a less attractive target for thieves. The pre-registered number adds your vehicle to a national database to improve its traceability. The “Police Traceable” window decal will make it obvious to potential thieves that your vehicle is registered and help convince them to leave your vehicle alone.

In the event your vehicle is stolen and then recovered, you will be reimbursed for your Security + Plus Anti-Theft purchase. If your vehicle is stolen and not recovered within 30 days or is recovered and declared a total loss by your insurance provider, your selling dealer will provide you with a discount of up to $5,000 towards the cost of purchasing a replacement vehicle from their available inventory. (2)

1 Source: Statistics Canada, 2010.
2 Some conditions & benefit limits apply. See the agreement/policy for full details.

For more information about Security + Plus Anti-Theft, contact your local Nissan Dealer.