Security + Plus Wear Protection

If you want to keep your Nissan in pristine condition, Security + Plus Wear Protection is designed for you. This coverage makes commonplace mishaps disappear. Don’t let a door ding at the shopping centre or a spilled cup of coffee leave its mark on your investment, with Security + Plus Wear Protection you can ensure your vehicle is kept in immaculate condition.

This comprehensive interior and exterior coverage protects you from costly repair bills. Also, a vehicle that is well maintained not only looks its best but holds the highest value in the resale market. Coverage is available for lease, finance, and cash buyers. With flexible term options and many coverage features, there is a plan that suits your needs.

Wear Protection offers the following coverage:

  • Interior Protection
  • Front Windshield & Head/Tail Light Protection
  • Paintless Dent Removal & Paint Repair
  • Key & Keyless Remote Replacement
  • Tire & Wheel Protection (optional upgrade)
  • Car Rental Benefit
  • For more information about Security + Plus Wear Protection, contact your local Nissan Dealer.